Keshet Sunday School for All


Keshet is deeply committed to supporting students with learning differences and developmental disabilities to fulfill the mitzvos of Torah and learning. Every week at Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi, Keshet Sunday School supports eight students in ritual and study. This unique program seamlessly blends individualized instruction with social inclusion in the YTT community. 


The goal of Keshet Sunday School is to offer lessons and experiences so that each boy can find a deep connection to Judaism. For all of the students, this means beginning each Sunday with davening, often with other YTT students of the same age. Afterwards, the older boys study Mishnah while younger students learn Brachos. The rest of the day is spent discussing Parsha, playing games and music therapy.


Rabbi Aharon Gutstein and a team of four teachers and aides use a range of instructional techniques to make the material accessible to each student. Some of the boys are working on reading in English or Hebrew while others are engaging through picture stories, art or music. Rabbi Gutstein wants to build the boys’ self-confidence through study and learning so that each student knows he is capable and a valued member of the community. 


Having a connection to the Jewish community is at the core of all Keshet programs. Keshet Sunday School provides an opportunity for boys, who otherwise could not attend yeshiva, to experience traditional Jewish learning. At Keshet Sunday School, a boy with motor delays learns to wrap tefillin; a student who cannot read studies the Parsha using a graphic story; and a student with limited impulse control works hard to make his Rebbe proud. With Keshet by their side, these students are learning the skills necessary to lead a successful and meaningful Jewish life. 


If you are interested in learning more about Keshet Sunday School at YTT, enrolling in the program or volunteering, please contact Abby Baron, Keshet Sunday Program Manager, at 847.790.6993 or