Libenu Parsha Classes Lift the Soul


The Libenu residents have been studying Torah to honor the memory of their loved ones. The men participated in a beautiful Torah class to commemorate the first yartzeit of Naftali Glenner’s  Bubbie Jean Morgenstern, Shayna Bat R’ Sholom z”l. Everyone was engaged and excited to be learning in her memory, and the residents had great questions and insights. They studied Parshat Shmot and tied in Bubbie Jean’s legacy to the incredible women featured in the portion of the week. 


Another wonderful Torah class commemorated the 20th yartzeit of Simcha Wechsler’s grandmother, Frieda Wechsler, Frummet bat Ahron z’l. The men studied Parshat Bashalach and connected Frieda to the importance of tradition and promise. Their participation reflected a deep level of spirituality that was both moving and inspirational. May the neshamot of these incredible women have an aliyah in the zechut of their learning.


Thank you to Steve Erenberg for teaching the classes. Our hearts overflowed are filled with the joy that our residents had studying Torah. 


For more information, to volunteer to teach, or to sponsor a class in memory or in honor of a loved one, contact Libenu at 847-213-0514 or email [email protected].