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Kollel Zichron Yitzchok Zev/ The Chassidishe Kollel…


This week was a busy week at the Chicago Chassidishe Kollel .

On Sunday, each Kollel member took a written בחינה  on הלכות שבת , a topic which they just finished learning. It was incredible to be in the בית מדרש  Sunday night, watching the yungerleit diligently filling out the answers.

On Monday morning, we were honored with a visit from HaRav Chaim Bentzion Rosenberg shlita, author of the highly used ספר  called מכון לשבתך  on  הלכות שבת, and Rosh Kollel of Bobov in New York. Starting from 10:45 am, HaRav Rosenberg tested the Kollel yungerleit. HaRav Rosenberg sat with 2 yungerleit at a time, for about 45 minutes with each pair, and was amazed at how well they knew the material; from the words of the ראשונים  to הלכה למעשה.

Then at 3:30 Monday afternoon, HaRav Rosenberg sat down together with all the Kollel yungerleit and the Rosh Kollel. For about 2 hours, they avidly discussed שאלות  of הלכות שבת, with both the Rav and the yungerlet giving their opinions on the הלכה למעשה.

At 5:30, The Chassidishe Kollel was joined by the Veitzner Kollel and enjoyed listening to a shiur from HaRav Rosenberg. HaRav Rosenberg spoke about הלכות שכירות וקבלנות, the halachos of asking a גוי  to do מלאכה  on  שבת. This topic is very pertinent to both Kollelim, as the Chassidishe Kollel is about to start the topic, and Veitzner Kollel is in the middle of learning it.

Twice during the day, HaRav Rosenberg expressed his amazement regarding the Kollel yungerleit, and the incredible learning going on in our בית מדרש.