Torah Minute: Enjoy Your Bread!  But…

By Rabbi Moshe Katz


I wanted to talk about something that millions of Jews are probably very tired of.
Because the message of Matzah is relevant all year round.
But first, a story.
… There used to be a product sold in Chicago called Mocha Mix.
It was Pareve (non-dairy) lactose-free and fairly low in saturated fat!
But it tasted just like ice cream.
Someone gave my wife a great idea for an easy but impressive dessert.
You let the Mocha Mix soften. Turn the container over and empty it.
Then you shpritz some chocolate syrup on it and sprinkle some chopped nuts.
And presto.
Elegant looking ice cream cake!
… Then someone gave her a different idea.
It went something like this.
A layer of Cocoa Crispies and melted margarine. A layer of softened Mocha Mix.
Cocoa Crispies. Mocha Mix. Shredded coconut on top.
A whole production!
… I said to my wife, “Why can’t we just shpritz the chocolate syrup”?
“Because this is fancier”!
Then I told my wife about the Matzah class I had given.
“Picture a piece of Matzah compared to a fluffy delicious looking piece of fresh bread.
The bread looks so much more wholesome. So much more nutritious.
But in reality?
The bread is all “puff”!
There is no nutritional difference between the two.
In substance, they’re exactly the same.
Bread is deceiving!
… So as we celebrate the Exodus and our birth as a nation?
Bread is taboo!
The Torah wants us to think Matzah. And only Matzah.
It wants us to see through all of the externalities. All the facades.
And to focus on the real meaning of things. The real meaning of life”.
… I made the case that the original desert was more in the spirit of Matzah.
The new one was all fluff!
My wife’s answer?
“Great class. Just one problem.
It’s not Pesach”!
… We can now eat bread and enjoy it. But should remember the message of Matzah.
And it’s something to keep in mind when we meet a new person.
We shouldn’t focus on external things.
Like what they wear. What they “do.” Or how many degrees they have.
We should focus on their essence.
And respect the Divine Image within them.